The Difference



Triathlon may be considered an individual sport, but we offer a team dynamic to training and racing. We use the natural competitive nature of training in a group, and take advantage of our teammates experiences to be more successful. We create a group that is insanely supportive and proud of each other.

Endurance Training - Swimming
Profression Coaches

Professional Coaches

We work to provide all our athletes with innovative coaching experiences centered around proven scientific methods . The field of sp is quickly evolving as we better understand the human body and how exercise can be utilized to produce results. Because of this, we recognize the importance of continuing education to ensure our training techniques allow you an advantage over the competition. Our coach, Louis Cicchino (see the ‘Meet your coach’ page to learn more about him!), is a USATriathlon certified coach, certified Personal Trainer, and is currently working towards receiving certifications through TrainingPeaks, Swim Smooth, and more!

Coaches and Community


We believe the aspect of community is the cornerstone to a great race, season, or lifetime as an athlete. Behind every great athlete is a team of people supporting them in various ways, ranging from your coach, to your teammates, to family and friends. Accelero highlights the importance of community through understanding and respecting that everyone’s goals and needs are different, and supporting that. No judgy-ness is welcome here! We just want to have some fun, make some friends, and meet our goals.

Giving back to our community is also important to us. As a team we like to help out by volunteering a couple times a year at different races and with organizations that align with our beliefs. It’s a good time and we always meet some cool people! Accelero Endurance is more than a training group, we are a family of athletes.

Lifting Form

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

It is important to set and work for a goal for every season that will translate into making you a better overall athlete. You put in a lot of hours to reach your goals and we want to ensure your labor pays off. We believe in efficient training with every workout serving a specific purpose. This way you can get your workouts in, meet your individual goals, and still have a life outside of sports. And hey, that awesome feeling of accomplishment paired with increased athletic ability usually flows over into your personal life too, creating an all around better you!