This bike workout should be placed in your program as a key workout.  Its purpose is to generate short bouts of power for an off-road course that has short punchy climbs.  It is also great for a crit/circuit style road course with corners and turnarounds that demand efforts to bring you back up to speed.

This workout can be performed indoors on a trainer or outside on a sustained climb that takes at least 15 minutes to reach the top.  When the RPMs change in the main set, add resistance but keep the watt output or effort the same. Your watts should not vary much between intervals except at rest.


10 minute spin building from 50% to 80% effort at 90 rpm

3 minutes of intervals :30 at 90% & 90 RPM and :30 recovery

2 minutes of recovery

Main Set

5x through the following

:30 90% effort at 90-95 rpm

:30 90% effort at 85-90 rpm

:30 90% effort at 80-85 rpm

:90 50% recovery effort at 90-95 rpm

2 minute recovery and repeat above for a second set but change to 95% effort.  Build to you being able to perform a 3rd set if possible and limited rest between sets and with 100% effort.

Cool Down

5 min easy spin